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All Smiles for Dentists, Frowns for Government Workers: Deputy’s Shift Pulse Report unveils how frontline staff feel about their work 

All Smiles for Dentists, Frowns for Government Workers: Deputy’s Shift Pulse Report unveils how frontline staff feel about their work 

Frontline government workers are among the least happy employees in the UK, alongside pharmacists and logistics workers, while dentists, call centre and bar staff are among the happiest

LONDON, UK, 10 June 2024 - Frontline government workers are revealed to be one of the least happy at work, according to new data from Deputy, the leading shift work management platform. The data - recorded using Deputy’s Shift Pulse feature on which workers are able to rate how they’re feeling at the end of their shift on a sliding scale - is featured in Deputy’s latest Shift Pulse Report, which includes findings from 1,536,000 shift workers globally, including 165,961 in the UK.

The data has revealed that almost one-fifth of government workers (18%), as well as logistics, freight and distribution workers (23%), report being stressed or frustrated at work. This comes second to pharmacists and chemists, of which half (51%) report being stressed or frustrated following their shift, making them the most stressed shift workers.

Happy in Hospitality

The happiest sector overall is hospitality, with more than half (51%) reporting their shifts as amazing, and over a quarter (27%) as good. Within the sector, bars are the happiest place to work as over three-quarters (83%) report their shifts as amazing or good, followed by coffee shops (83%) and sit-down restaurants (82%).

The Healthcare Divide

Healthcare has been found as the least happy sector overall, with just 35% reporting their shift as “amazing” compared to retail (41%) and services (41%). However, there are sub-sectors across healthcare which defy this trend, with 64% of dentists and 50% of doctors’ offices saying their shifts are amazing in their post-shift survey.

Chief Customer Officer, Katrina Holt, says: 

“Shift workers play a vital role in supporting the economy, and so it is significant that positive sentiment around how this group is feeling about their work has decreased in the last year.”

She continued, “If businesses want to retain talent, then it is vital to support employee well-being. Whether this is by navigating how shift workers can be afforded greater flexibility or providing ways for colleagues to receive kudos in the same way office workers do. The key to employee happiness lies in leaders making sure they have the right feedback loops in place to consistently understand how their people are feeling, and then actioning this feedback to show they value their employees.”

Download a copy of the UK Shift Pulse Report below.

UK Shift Pulse Report 2024 Shift-Pulse-Report-UK-2024.pdf - 891 KB

About the Shift Pulse Report

Deputy’s Shift Pulse Report measures the sentiment hourly workers across Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, and Services have towards their work. This is the second instalment of the annual report which uses insights collected through Deputy’s Shift Pulse feature. The feature helps businesses easily capture continuous feedback from employees who are able to rate how they felt about their shift on a sliding scale, from “stressed” to "amazing". 276,000 Shift Pulse Survey responses from across the UK were analysed for this report. Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and may not add up to a complete 100 percent.

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