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American Shift Workers are Juggling Multiple Jobs to Make Ends Meet, According to New Report From Deputy

American Shift Workers are Juggling Multiple Jobs to Make Ends Meet, According to New Report From Deputy

The New Poly-Employment Trend Has Doubled Since 2021 and is Most Prevalent in Gen Z and Young Females

SAN FRANCISCO (25 January, 2024) - Deputy, the leading shift work management platform, today revealed that the rates of American shift workers working multiple jobs (known as poly-employment) have doubled since 2021, a change that demonstrates the ramifications of increasing cost-of-living pressures. The finding is one of many in the Deputy’s new data report,  "The Big Shift: Evolving Landscapes of the US Labor Market," which analyzed aggregated customer data on the leading scheduling software platform in partnership with consulting Economist, Dr. Shashi Karunanethy.

The report reveals that the rise of poly-employment is most prevalent for women, Gen Z, and across the hospitality and healthcare industries. Of those holding multiple jobs, 60% are female. Meanwhile, younger generations are also struggling , with one in five Gen Z workers balancing more than one job. The majority of individuals holding multiple jobs are concentrated in the hospitality industry, accounting for 78% of this workforce segment. Additionally, a significant 26% of healthcare shift workers are engaged in poly-employment, holding two or more jobs alongside their primary healthcare roles. Notably, 41% of these multi-job holders maintain additional positions within the healthcare sector, while others are diversifying into hospitality (26%), services (21%), and retail (12%).

“An increasing number of shift workers are holding multiple jobs in response to the cost of living crisis, giving rise to what we refer to as poly-employment. In fact, one in five shift workers on the Deputy platform are multiple job holders. They're mainly Hospitality workers, female and from Generation Z,” said Dr Shashi Karunanethy.  “This generation – who entered the workforce during the global pandemic is not just focused on making more money to navigate higher costs and inflation –  they are searching for sustainable employment, reliable shifts, and financial stability”

"The Big Shift: Evolving Landscapes of the US Labor Market" reveals key data points behind the noteworthy transformations within the American economy driven mostly by changing generational demographics and evolving work regulations. Other findings in the report include:

  • Gen Z workers in healthcare feel mentally drained and financially insecure. A notable trend is the increase in young Americans working in healthcare, often with multiple employers across different sectors. This reflects a dynamic shift in employment patterns and adaptability among the younger workforce. Data revealed that 78% of healthcare shift workers are struggling with the cost of living, with 49% identifying better pay as a primary concern. This has led 9% of healthcare workers to seek similar roles at different companies, and an additional 8% aiming to transition to entirely different industries.
  • Shift workers have serious apprehensions about AI. Over 70% of shift workers express the belief that AI will bring changes to their jobs and roles. Notably, younger workers, especially Gen Z (64%) and Millennials (79%), exhibit more pronounced beliefs regarding the impact of AI on their jobs.
  • Service industry resurgence is a source of statewide job growth in 2024. California led the way in job gains within the services industry, adding over 21,200 jobs. Texas followed with a significant addition of 18,900 jobs. This trend indicates that the services sector is solidifying its position as a primary source of employment expansion nationwide.​

"The Big Shift report sheds light on a pivotal shift in today's labor market. We're experiencing a substantial increase in poly-employment, with workers, particularly young Gen Z women, navigating multiple jobs across different industry sectors. This isn't just about money – it's a deeper issue of job quality and stability. Gen Z women, who entered the workforce during a period marked by layoffs and ongoing instability, are now seeking predictable hours, sustainable work, and financial security more than ever. It's a clear message that the current economic climate is challenging, especially for those who are just starting their careers” said Deputy CEO, Silvija Martincevic.

“Deputy recognizes the importance of providing solutions that not only offer flexibility and efficiency for businesses but also bring stability and security to the workforce. As we see more individuals balancing diverse roles across sectors like Hospitality, Retail, and Services, Deputy continues to evolve to meet these multifaceted demands and support the unique challenges faced by today’s workers and  generations to follow, positioning Deputy powered businesses to better navigate the ever changing world of work.”

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The Big Shift Report US (2024) The Big Shift Report .pdf - 2 MB

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Data Analysis

Dr. Shashi Karunanethy, Chief Economist at Geografia, analyzed 81,413,785 shifts and 241,315,027 hours of 420,219 shift workers to produce the insights in this report. All findings were pulled from Deputy’s anonymized data. The report features an industry-focused data analysis of US shift workers across the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and services industries. 

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