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Deputy Industry Index : COVID-19

Deputy Industry Index : COVID-19

The Deputy Industry Index is currently tracking the impact of COVID-19 within key industries of the hourly paid economy. Daily.

Top Industry Insights for Australia's Hourly Paid Economy

Date : 25 March 2020

Trends observed from January 2 to March 25:

Bars are the worst hit by the crisis

Bars using Deputy's platform scheduled 87% fewer hours on Monday 23rd compared to the January average. Monday 23rd's hours scheduled were 63% lower than Sunday 22nd, when the tougher restrictions for Bars were announced.

The restaurant sector was also impacted significantly

Restaurants using Deputy's platform scheduling 70% fewer hours on Monday 23rd compared to the January average.

Although also severely impacted, cafes seem to be doing better than the other segments

Cafes are scheduling 52% fewer hours on Monday 23rd compared to the January average. One explanation is that cafes were faster to transition to the takeaway option. Cafes outside the main city centres are also less impacted by the drop in customers.

Independent supermarkets and food and beverage shops suffering

They do not appear to be doing so well as the larger supermarket chains. They also scheduled 56% fewer hours on Monday 23rd compared to the January average. One significant difference for this segment is that day over day downward trend is less steep

Local retailers also scheduled fewer hours this week 22% fewer than the January average.

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To make reporting about the rapidly changing world of work easier for news media during this unprecedented time Deputy has made it simple for journalists and editors to quickly download the data and insights contained in each industry index.

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