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Deputy launches shift worker engagement feature.

Deputy launches shift worker engagement feature.

Helping managers understand how teams are feeling.

Sydney – October 14, 2021 – Deputy, the workforce management app, has launched a tool that allows managers to start to understand the emotional wellbeing of their team members.

The new feature, Shift Engagement is designed to provide workers with a simple, one-step way to share how they’re feeling after every shift, so that managers can create a thriving workplace based on their team’s needs. This comes at a time when many industries are facing major staffing and retention challenges.

"Fostering happier, mentally healthier staff, helps businesses to reduce their turnover rate, retain great staff and run at their optimum" says Restaurateur (Stillwater) and Mental Health Educator Bianca Welsh.

Early intervention and prevention have been identified by Australia’s Productivity Commission into Mental Health as key to improving mental health. Over 75 per cent of mental health issues occur before the age of 25, while suicide is the largest cause of death in young people in Australia, reports Beyond Blue.

"That is the largest cohort of employees in many of our frontline industries" says Bianca.

The new Shift Engagement feature enables staff who are clocking out to rate their shift across an index of emotions (Excited, Happy, Okay, Frustrated, Stressed) along with the option to add commentary. The rating is currently offered on mobile clock-out and is completely anonymous, with managers and supervisors accessing a dashboard to see the responses.

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By allowing staff to share an emotional expression of their shift, we give them an opportunity to share how they feel and allow managers and operators to get ahead of their expressive response – in other words, the actions they will take if they continue to feel a certain way. Gone unnoticed and addressed, expressive responses can result in poor performance at work, changes in a persons behaviour, and resignations.

"You don’t need a psychology degree to start a conversation about mental health, investing in energy into having a mentally healthy workplace is not just good for your team, but good for your bottom line too. Improving productivity and reducing staff turnover is any business owner’s dream " says Bianca.

Shift Engagement is available to all Deputy Premium users globally..

About Bianca Welsh

Bianca is a Restaurateur, Mental Health Educator and Industry Advisor to Deputy.

With three successful restaurants, her name is synonymous with entrepreneurship and excellence in Tasmania's tourism and hospitality industries. She has also created a movement to focus on mental health in the sector and sits on multiple government industry advisory groups.

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