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Deputy offers support to Kronos and its customers following ransomware attack so shift workers can be paid correctly these holidays.

Deputy offers support to Kronos and its customers following ransomware attack so shift workers can be paid correctly these holidays.

Deputy CEO encourages industry to place community before competition during global human resources management crisis.

SYDNEY – December 16, 2021 Deputy, the leading shift work management platform, announced today that all Kronos customers affected by the recent ransomware will be able to access Deputy’s secure and scalable platform at no charge until the current crisis is resolved.  

Impacting millions of shift workers, the attack has devastated businesses and the lives of their employees by compromising pay and paid leave during the busy holiday season. Affected companies will be able to access Deputy’s software at no cost enabling them to continue to schedule staff, manage time and attendance, and calculate payroll through accurate timesheets.

“This is a people-first industry, we share that value with Kronos,” said Ashik Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Deputy. “We need to rally behind the nurses, teachers, retail staff, factory workers, the people that make up our community being impacted most by these events and ensure they are paid on time and the process is simple and seamless until this situation is resolved, no matter how long it may take to do so. 

If the great resignation can teach us anything, it is that hourly workers need shift security and pay guarantee. Leaders need to step up and come together to problem-solve during this crisis.”

This ransomware outage is preventing Kronos hourly workers from performing the most simple of tasks from clocking in and out of their shifts, to keeping track of paycheques and tracking paid leave. Accordingly, Kronos recommended that their customers evaluate and implement alternative business continuity protocols until this situation is resolved.

“To ensure Kronos customers can start using Deputy as quickly as possible, we developed a step-by-step guide to have your team up and running in hours. For additional support, we are running webinars with live Q&A sessions to meet businesses’ urgent needs,” said Vach Hovsepyan, SVP of Global Customer Success at Deputy.

Kronos customers can get started by visiting and register to get up and running today. 

Larger organisations needing to customise their setup can contact the Deputy sales team directly.

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