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Deputy Research: Women Continue to Retain Less Shifts, Hours in U.S. Retail Industry

Deputy Research: Women Continue to Retain Less Shifts, Hours in U.S. Retail Industry

Understanding the full picture on Equal Pay Day

SAN FRANCISCO — March 14, 2023 — ​ Equal Pay Day denotes the day in the year when, on average, a woman would have caught up with a man’s wages from the previous year. That picture is not complete without an understanding of the multitude of other factors that affect a woman’s livelihood. 

Today, and every day, it is critical that we take into account not only the gap in pay rate but also the discrepancy in flexibility, scheduled hours, and shifts. 

Deputy powers the schedules of over 170,000 US-based retail workers across 41,000 workplaces. This gives our organization access to unique insights on how this industry with a significant shift worker employee base have performed in the past and may perform in the future. 

When we analyze these insights via the lens of gender, generation, geography, and industry, it allows us to see labor demand before it materializes and identify workplace trends relating to compliance behavior, shift worker wellbeing, job stability, and scheduling fairness as well as shift scheduling equality.

Deputy’s snapshot of The Big Shift US Retail Report looks at current shift-equity trends across the industry, where men still continue to see a greater share in shifts and hours in comparison to women across the majority of retail subsectors.

“This year, as we prepare to release our The Big Shift US Retail report, we are honing in on subsectors of the US retail industry and demographic trends within those subsectors. To that end, the data presented here shows how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year,” said Deputy CEO, Silvija Martincevic. 

“Although many workers are exiting the industry to other sectors in search of more job security, higher wages, predictable schedules, and flexibility, it falls on employers and the government to begin working together to improve work conditions from which women are set to benefit. Today, and every day, it is critical that we take into account not only the gap in pay rate but also the discrepancy between scheduled hours and shifts.” 

​The Shift to Equity Retail Report explores the following industry subsectors: Auto, electronics & appliances, Clothing and personal care, Supermarkets, Home, hardware & garden, Pharmacies / Drug Stores and Logistics.

U.S. labor force ‘lost over 1 million women’ since 2020, Deputy CEO says
Deputy CEO Silvija Martincevic joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss hiring, talent retention, labor trends, helping women re-enter the workforce following a pre-pandemic departure, and growing cities leading the economic recovery.
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Snapshot: US Retail Report Shift-equity-snapshot-report-US-Retail.pdf - 1 MB

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About Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day was originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) in 1996 as a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men's and women's wages. (It was originally called ‘National Pay Inequity Awareness Day’ and changed to Equal Pay Day in 1998.)

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