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Deputy Unveils New Hourly Worker Happiness Index Amidst Nationwide Staffing Shortages

Deputy Unveils New Hourly Worker Happiness Index Amidst Nationwide Staffing Shortages

SAN FRANCISCO – July 24, 2023 – Deputy, a leading global software platform for managing hourly workers, today released the newest findings from its Hourly Worker Happiness Index report. This comprehensive update provides valuable insights into the sentiments of hourly workers in various key industries throughout the United States, shedding light on their overall job satisfaction.

With nationwide labor shortages, workers across industries, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and services, are under more pressure than ever. Insights collected from Deputy’s Shift Pulse* feature, which allows businesses to capture continuous employee feedback easily, were used to analyze 454,730 responses from January through June 2023.

Highlights from Deputy’s  Hourly Worker Happiness Index include: 


  • Retail Industry Tops Job Satisfaction Among Hourly Workers: In the U.S., retail workers are the happiest at work, with 85% stating they felt “amazing” or “good” after their shifts. Hospitality workers closely follow, with 83% expressing feelings of "amazing" or "good" after their shifts.
  • Healthcare & Service Industries Experience High Worker Dissatisfaction: Healthcare had the highest combined percentage of workers reporting feeling "stressed" and "frustrated," totaling 7%. Similarly, service industry workers closely followed, with 6% expressing these sentiments.


  • Dental Clinic, Cafe & Gym Workers Are the Happiest Workplaces: Dental clinics are the happiest workplaces for workers, with an impressive 96% reporting feelings of "amazing" or "good" after their shifts. Cafes closely follow suit, with 92% of workers sharing the same positive sentiments upon finishing their shifts. Gym workers also rank high in terms of happiness, with 90% expressing positive feelings after completing their duties.
  • Delivery & Postal, Logistics & Distribution Struggle with Unhappy Workplaces: A notable 13% of delivery & postal workers experience post-shift stress, while 11% of logistics, distribution & freight workers express feelings of frustration. The significant levels of dissatisfaction within these professions underscore the need to address the underlying sources of stress and frustration in their work environments.


  • Kentucky and Rhode Island Are the Happiest States for Workers: Despite the geographical distance, Kentucky and Rhode Island share similarities in being the happiest states for workers. Kentucky takes the lead with 82% of “amazing" shifts, followed closely by Rhode Island at 70%.

Download the Hourly Worker Happiness Index report below for a complete analysis. 

Happiness-Index_US (2).pdf 2 MB
Kendal Pektas
Kendal Pektas Senior Manager, Public Relations



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