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Deputy's "Shift to Equity" Report Highlights Gender Disparities in US Hourly Work

Deputy's "Shift to Equity" Report Highlights Gender Disparities in US Hourly Work

Equal Pay Day and Women's History Month

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 2024 — Equal Pay Day denotes how far the average woman must work into the next year to earn what the average man earned the previous year, spotlighting the wage gap that persists between genders. Yet, for hourly workers, inequality is reflected in more than just pay rates; it includes differences in hours worked, shift flexibility, and overall employment conditions. Deputy's newly released "Shift to Equity" report, aligning with Equal Pay Day and Women's History Month, dives deep into these issues, providing a comprehensive analysis of the hourly work landscape in the U.S.

​Over 1.4 million shift workers are scheduled across more than 330,000 workplaces using Deputy's platform. This provides Deputy with unique insights into trends impacting the hourly work economy, including levels of job stability, workplace compliance, worker wellbeing, and shift scheduling practices, as well as into trends relating to workers’ desires for flexibility, predictability, and financial security. 

“This report aims to shed light on and provide a deeper understanding of the unique issues impacting hourly workers in the US. Despite making up the majority of the US workforce and 80% of the global workforce, conversations relating to pay equality rarely take hours worked and shift assignments into account. Highlighting these factors is an important step in providing employers with the right information to create truly thriving workplaces.” said Deputy CEO, Silvija Martincevic.

Key Insights from the "Shift to Equity" Report:

  • Gender Gaps in Hourly Work: Although women constitute 55% of the hourly workforce and engage in more shifts monthly, they average 9 fewer hours per month than their male counterparts.
  • Annual Trends: The report indicates a 2.7% decrease in average monthly hours for women in 2023; this is in contrast with a 5.0% increase for men. Additionally, men averaged 36 more minutes per shift than women.
  • Generational Equality: Generation Z emerged as the cohort with the highest level of shift equality, displaying minimal differences in average shifts and hours worked per month.
  • Sector-specific Findings: Disparities are also examined across key industries, including hospitality, retail, services, and healthcare, showcasing unique trends and challenges within each.

Download a copy of the US Shift to Equity Report below.

US Shift to Equity Report 2024 US Shift to Equity Report 2024.pdf - 575 KB

About Deputy:

Deputy is the global people platform for hourly work. Its intuitive software strengthens employer-employee connection, streamlines compliance obligations and revolutionizes how hourly workers and businesses operate together, creating workplaces that thrive. 

Over 330,000 workplaces use Deputy to create better work experience for 1.4 million scheduled workers globally. Visit, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, the App Store, or Google Play for more information.

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