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Protect the Hourly Workforce and Keep Businesses Open with Deputy’s Schedule Safely Checklist

Protect the Hourly Workforce and Keep Businesses Open with Deputy’s Schedule Safely Checklist

SAN FRANCISCO – August 17, 2021 – Vaccination mandates continue to gain momentum nationwide, expanding from government agencies to private companies as the U.S. continues to battle Covid-19 and the rapidly transmitting Delta Variant. To help the business community navigate the latest mandates and keep their staff safe, today, Deputy – leading scheduling and timekeeping software company – is announcing their Schedule Safely Checklist

Hourly shift workers make up nearly 60% of the U.S. workforce, yet many remain unvaccinated. According to data from The Shift Project, half of the frontline service sector workers reported being unvaccinated as of early June 2021. Nearly 20% of workers said they haven’t gotten vaccinated because they’re afraid of missing work or because they’re too busy.

“The remote workforce benefited from the luxury of coordinating vaccinations at a time that works best for them. The hourly workforce is still facing challenges in getting vaccinated. This can’t remain the status quo,” said Dave Zinman, Global President of Deputy. “We’ve now reached an inflection point where shift workers, especially those on the front line, must get vaccinated or tested daily to remain safe and healthy. With the launch of the Schedule Safely Checklist, we are leveling the playing field for hourly workers  by empowering business owners to protect their workforce and community.”

Deputy’s Schedule Safely Checklist helps business owners leverage Deputy to confirm the vaccination and testing status of their workforce, where permitted by law. 

Deputy customers can use existing features, like Training and Pre-Shift Questions, to seamlessly adapt their employees to changes in vaccination and Covid-19 testing mandates nationwide: 

  • Vaccination Tracking: Keeping track of employee vaccinations is a complicated process. By creating a training tag that identifies an employee’s vaccination status, including the dates they received their vaccinations, owners or HR personnel can seamlessly track vaccinations and schedule staff accordingly.
  • Covid-19 Attestation Pre-Shift Question: Pre-Shift Questions are a strong option for unvaccinated employees as they enable owners and HR personnel to determine if an employee has received a negative Covid-19 test prior to clocking into work. The question field can be tailored based on how often the test is required and a preferred time frame (in the last 24 hours, 72 hours, etc.). 

To learn how to set up Vaccination Training or Covid-19 Attestation Pre-Shift Questions, visit our Scheduling Safely Checklist.

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