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Public statement on Australia's 5.2% minimum wage rise

Public statement on Australia's 5.2% minimum wage rise

Ashik Ahmed, CEO and co-founder at Deputy

SYDNEY, June 16, 2022 - "If there is one positive we have seen through these turbulent times, it is that those who adapt swiftly to change — whether it be through innovation or digital transformation — tend to be the businesses that thrive. With people-first industries, now is the time to rally behind those who employ our healthcare, hospitality and retail workers.

This needs to start with the government providing additional support for business owners and employers beyond pandemic relief, such as tax breaks for small and growing businesses to give them the financial support and stability they need to get off the ground and become profitable again - to grow the economy.

Shift workers are the backbone of our society and due to the often casual or insecure nature of their work, are far more likely to find themselves at higher risk of financial hardship and job insecurity - The vast majority of Australia’s low-wage earners are women employed in casual positions.

Right now is a critical time to be supporting these people. This 5.2 per cent wage rise, a $40.00 per week increase, gives the means to keep up with inflation, and rising costs of living. Many people in sectors like hospitality are still recovering financially from the pandemic, as business owners struggle to operate again at full capacity as they navigate supply chain and talent shortages whilst attempting to rebuild back to pre-pandemic revenues."

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