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The Rostering Report from Deputy and PwC.

The Rostering Report from Deputy and PwC.

A new fortnightly analysis of the shift work economy.

PwC Australia has collaborated with Deputy to create the Rostering Report, a fortnightly analysis into 27 industries sub-sectors across the nation that will detail current and forecasted employment growth.

A significant proportion of the Australian workforce is employed with irregular hours. Businesses operating with this flexibility will rapidly expand and contract hours of such employees as demand rises and falls, and can thus be a leading indicator of how the economy responds to various trends.

Deputy collects information on hours worked as part of its cloud-based rostering software.

Analysis of Deputy’s rostering data is useful in understanding, in close to real-time, how industries with a significant irregular workforce:

  • have been performing 
  • can be expected to perform in the next roster period (i.e. two weeks out).

Such information is particularly useful in better understanding how the economy is recovering from the COVID-19 lockdown.

This analysis focuses on 27 industry sub-sectors where Deputy manages rostering.

These sub-sectors have been grouped into four headline sectors (Healthcare; Hospitality; Retail; Other Services). Comparing current two-week activity levels (hours worked) to: February (pre-COVID-19 levels); and the previous fortnight. 

In future issues we intend to provide projections of changes in hours worked over the coming fortnight based on forthcoming roster allocations.

Download the latest issue of the Rostering Report below.

Rostering Report | Issue 01 Rostering-Report_Issue1_7July.pdf - 775 KB
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