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Thriving workplaces are safe for all communities.

Thriving workplaces are safe for all communities.

Public Statement.

At Deputy, we believe that thriving workplaces can exist in every community if there is safety in the workplace. Safety from both physical harm and safety to be who you are. Your full self. 

Being yourself at work — regardless of your race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, gender identity,  — is an essential freedom that should not be limited.

Recent bills passed in the States of Florida and Texas aim to stifle conversations about race and gender in the school and at the workplace. And, there are fifteen other states currently discussing similar legislation. 

Legislation of this kind is at odds with our beliefs as it causes harm to the LGBTQI and BIPOC communities.

We stand in solidarity with organizations that have signed on to the Human Rights Campaign’s Business Statement Opposing Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation in opposition to any legislation that restricts certain workplace freedoms or discriminates against any group of people in society – based on who they are. 

To all our employees, we see you, we support you, and we promise to continue to educate ourselves, create a safe environment and amplify diversity and inclusion within our own workplace. We also acknowledge all the businesses we work with that do the same. 

Mat Beeche
Mat Beeche Global Strategic Communications Director



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