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UK shift workers to experience 50% increase in scheduled work hours this weekend

UK shift workers to experience 50% increase in scheduled work hours this weekend

Official celebration day scheduled recognising nations workers.

  • 53% more hours are estimated to be worked in UK retail this coming weekend.
  • Retail staff to be most stretched as postal strike concerns drive shoppers in-store
  • Shift Worker Sunday has been launched by the smart scheduling platform Deputy to recognise shift workers in the retail sector.

London, 24 November 2022 – Retail staff in the UK will collectively work over 40% more hours this Black Friday than the average Friday, according to estimations from leading shift work platform, Deputy

Whilst it is marketed as ‘Black Friday’, retail workers will be at their busiest on Saturday and Sunday, with more people expected to shop in-store over the weekend.

Workers are likely to take on 53% more hours this Saturday (26th), than the average Saturday and 51% more on Sunday (27th). It’s estimated that this will reduce slightly to 45% more on Cyber Monday.

The estimations are based on an analysis of the shift patterns of 4,245 shifts worked by UK retail workers over the Black Friday weekend in 2021.

In the midst of one of the busiest weekends in retail, shoppers are being urged to show their support for the workers who serve them through the launch of ‘Shift Worker Sunday’ on 27th November.

David Kelly, General Manager for EMEA at Deputy said: “In-store workers are expected to be particularly stretched this weekend. Concerns over the planned Royal Mail strikes and ongoing delays with other major couriers will drive even more shoppers to hit their favourite retail stores in person rather than shopping online. We also expect consumers to be more discerning this year to save money, which increases in-store purchasing.

“With this in mind, it’s important to look after the people that make it all possible.

“Shift workers, such as those in retail, keep our communities connected and thriving, especially during the busiest, most hectic and chaotic times of the year. This is, therefore, the perfect time to recognise their hard work to support and uplift our communities and why we’re launching the first-ever Shift Worker Sunday.

“We’re encouraging people to show their appreciation by making a small gesture on Sunday. It could be giving a tip, gifting them a coffee or leaving somebody a great review. You could write a thank you note for the retail staff working through the busy Christmas period or tell them about a time they made a real difference to your day. The most important thing is to show people your appreciation and to be kind.”

About Deputy:

Deputy is on a mission to Simplify Shift Work™ for millions of workers and businesses worldwide. The company streamlines scheduling, timesheets, tasks and communication for business owners and their workers. More than 320,000 workplaces globally use Deputy to manage to schedule and effectively communicate with employees, providing millions of shift workers with more flexibility and control over their schedules. Deputy’s software gives businesses the tools they need to create a thriving workplace.

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Shift Worker Sunday:

Shift Worker Sunday is a global celebration day powered by smart scheduling platform Deputy. It aims to get employers, customers, leaders and the larger community to take a moment to recognise, appreciate and think about how they can better interact with local shift workers in their communities.

Shift workers keep our communities connected and thriving, especially during the busy, most hectic, chaotic times of the year. It’s about damn time we show appreciation for it. Support #ShiftWorkerSunday on the 27th of November and learn more about this two billion-strong global community by joining the #ShiftWorkForward movement.




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