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US Businesses Navigating Local Compliance Globally: 

US Businesses Navigating Local Compliance Globally: 

Deputy Launches New Fair Workweek Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, 06 May 2024 – Deputy, the global people platform for hourly work, announced the launch of its Fair Workweek compliance product this week. The solution is tailored to meet the compliance needs of businesses as cities and states across the US expand their Fair Workweek (FWW) laws, strengthening its leading position as a compliance solution for hourly work.

Fair Workweek Laws are expected to facilitate higher labor market participation by providing more predictable and stable work schedules, especially among women, those with caregiving responsibilities and the growing number of poly-employed workers across the US. Deputy will quickly become a crucial tool in navigating the complexities and nuances of city, state, and industry-specific requirements attached to the legislation.

Deputy’s Fair Workweek solution will streamline businesses’ ability to comply with key Fair Workweek requirements, reducing their risk of costly penalties. 

Key features include:

  • Good Faith Estimate Creator: Provides new hires with clear expectations about their projected work schedules.
  • Advance Notice of Work Schedules: Deputy’s AI-powered scheduling tools facilitate accurate work schedules that are published in advance to maximize productivity and minimize labor costs.
  • Consent for Schedule Changes: Empowers employees with the ability to consent to last-minute schedule adjustments.
  • Predictability Pay Integration: Automates calculations for predictability pay, reducing errors and administrative burden.
  • Clopening/Right to Rest Consideration: Ensures fair compensation for employees working consecutive closing and opening shifts, and guardrails to ensure that clopenings are not scheduled where prohibited.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Reporting: Provides easy-to-access reports documenting compliance with Fair Workweek laws.

“Deputy’s Fair Workweek solution is designed to navigate the complexities of workplace compliance and deliver operational efficiencies for managers and business owners,” said Deep Banerji, Chief Product Officer at Deputy. 

“Importantly, our system seamlessly calculates predictability pay and addresses the complexities of 'clopening' scenarios, ensuring proper compensation or employee consent for challenging shifts or  last minute schedule changes. We make it easy for businesses to navigate complex Fair Workweek mandates, while reducing the risk of costly fines and penalties.” 

Click here to learn more about Deputy’s Fair Workweek solution.

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Deputy is the global people platform for hourly work. Its intuitive software strengthens employer-employee connections, streamlines compliance obligations, and revolutionizes how hourly workers and businesses operate together, creating workplaces that thrive.Over 330,000 workplaces use Deputy to create better work-life experiences for 1.4 million scheduled workers globally. Visit, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, the App Store or Google Play for more information.

Mat Beeche
Mat Beeche Global Strategic Communications Director

Disclaimer: The information provided in this publication is for general informational purposes only. Deputy makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the software or the information contained in this publication. While Deputy’s Fair Workweek solution is designed to simplify shift work by assisting with Fair Workweek compliance, it is not a substitute for payroll or legal advice, nor is it intended to relieve you of your obligation to comply with the legal requirements applicable to your business. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your use of Deputy complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Please review our Product Specific Terms for more information about your compliance responsibilities.



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